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In rare form, I will be writing this post in my own words. I created this site in hopes to unify the fractured way that information about LSMSA spreads (e.g. Facebook groups, fan pages, personal profiles, etc.). There are many ways to keep up to date (currently four, well five if you count the calendars). I will outline what those icons in the top left corner of the website mean:

  • RSS: If you are a fan of Google Reader then this is for you
  • Facebook: Probably the easiest option for most people. Just click the link and ‘Like’ the fan page
  • Twitter: If Twitter strikes your fancy, then go for it and follow @LSMSA
  • Email: Easy and simple. Just enter your email address.


Any of these methods will notify you (in your preferred way) when new information is posted here. If you stumble across a single story that you want to share, then there are many, many options for you at the bottom of each post with the ‘+Share’ button. ALSO, if you would like to subscribe to the alumni or foundation events via, say, iCal, then check out the Calendar page.


Hopefully, this will make getting info about LSMSA out much, much easier.

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