Help LSMSA Dream Big – Act Now

We have a great opportunity with the Kohl’s Cares Campaign to win half a million smackaroos! $500,000 could offer renovations to the dorms, build outdoor classrooms, set up a robotics and engineering lab, endow funds for student scholarships, or even purchase space for the LSMSA Foundation and Alumni Center – a designated building set up for Foundation operations, Reunion activities and alumni events! The possibilities are endless!

Most importantly, $500,000 could fill in the gaps from the state budget cuts and allow LSMSA to be less reliant on wobbly state funding.

Please visit the Kohl’s Cares Campaign on Facebook at and vote for the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts. Then, post the link to your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter profiles, email every one at your work, and tell your friends, family, colleagues and coworkers to vote as well.

If every alumni voted five times for LSMSA, we would have over 20,700 votes! If those alumni told their spouses, parents and siblings to do the same, we could have over 83,000 votes!

We have a good shot at winning this contest. Voting is quick and easy. Do your part to help LSMSA win half a million dollars.

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