International Planetarium Premiere and Teen Forum Invite

I have attached an invite for “Teens who are interested in the Louisiana School and its exciting programs” for the April 24 event.

I envision sending this to prospects who are interested in the Louisiana School and to area alumni who might have teens in their family.

They will need to call to RSVP so tickets can be set aside for them; (318) 424-8660. The showtime that has tickets remaining is 8:45 p.m. with dinner at 7:30 p.m.. The event lasts from 7 – 9:30 p.m.


This invitation is geared towards alumni with 8th-10th graders in your family (your younger siblings or cousins, or perhaps children of the first-generation gifties). LSMSA alumna Rebecca Nesbitt Prosino, Director of Education for Sci-Port, put together a great opportunity for LSMSA students to work with a school in Turin, Italy. The outcome of this work is a planetarium film that will premiere at Sci-Port this coming Saturday, April 24th.

Please note that the invitation is for teens rather than for adults. You are just the receiver of information and perhaps the chauffeur. 🙂 The event will give prospective gifties a chance to meet LSMSA students; understand the opportunities that are available at LSMSA; and hang out with other teens who are excited about science. While this event is primarily a showcase for LSMSA and for Sci-Port, it offers the opportunity for prospects to see why alumni are sold on LSMSA. From the all-important teen perspective this is a peer-driven event, not their parents yacking about the “olden days” of the 80’s when we didn’t have cell phones and had to WAIT for a pay phone to be available.

Spaces are limited. Please see Rebecca’s email below about how to secure a space for your teen.

Sci-Port will eventually launch this film for the public, likely sometime in the fall. We’ll plan a giftie gathering for alumni/alumni families to watch the public premiere together. More information will be coming for “the old people”. 🙂

Thank you,
Catherine Credeur (’89)
LSMSAAA Natchitoches Liaison

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